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A place where imaginations come alive

Areumdamda is a picture book content founded upon the concept of a ‘Playing Book.’ It is a 2D & 3D interactive art platform scheduled for release in 2022. For us, picture books embody introspection, reflection, and healing. We hope that children and adults all over the world can achieve self-discovery and personal growth through Areumdamda’s picture books.

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Picture book & Artist

We welcome picture books created by authors and artists. You can send them in any format, ranging from independently published picture books to the texts you would like to add illustrations to, or even the pictures you would like to weave together into a book. Areumdamda promises to judge your cherished picture books and ideas in a fair, transparent way and share them with both the real and virtual worlds.


Picture book Publisher

Areumdamda works with publishers who aspire to promote their picture books to the world in a future-oriented way. With Areumdamda’s touch, picture books are reborn in accordance with each of their unique characteristics, including 3D publications and various types of applied media. We invite you to take a step in our journey and venture into the global market and the virtual world, escorted by our technology and philosophy of art.


Short Film &Animation

Areumdamda welcomes short films and animations that are compatible with picture books. Unveil your work to a global audience in the animation screening room in Areumdamda’s Picture Book Museum. Animations can also be produced and displayed as a picture book.

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